Quebec Reference Sample
Population Genetics and Genetic Epidemiology in Quebec




Project description:

We invite you to participate in the project of building up a reference sample for research in genetic epidemiology and population genetics in Quebec. The sample consists of individuals from various regions of Quebec who are representative of the general population, and is not linked to any disease. It will provide a reference for comparisons with patient groups who are affected by a disease that has a genetic component.

Our goal is to build a bank of genomic samples that can be shared with the scientific community. A genomic sample is a sample of blood or saliva that allows the extraction of genetic material (DNA of the genome). These samples are characterized by a complete genome sequencing and analysis of genetic variants (DNA sequences that show differences between individuals). Our study focuses on neutral variants and therefore does not concern the identification of genes or mutations responsible for genetic diseases. We also rebuild the pedigrees of the participants to describe the genetic diversity through the combined analysis of genealogical and molecular (DNA) data.

The database of the reference sample of the Quebec population is headed by Professor Damian Labuda and includes samples of DNA, coded molecular and genealogical data and the results of their analysis.

This database will be useful to researchers in genetic epidemiology and population genetics of human populations. It will represent a important source of information for various studies on the genetic structure and history of the Quebec population. It may also serve as a reference group for other studies on individual genetic susceptibility to various diseases or receptiveness to certain drug treatments. It is our hope that the results of this study will contribute to the overall improvement of healthcare and impact on policy and planning in the health sector in Quebec.

This project is funded by the Réseau Réseau de Médecine Génétique Appliquée of the Fonds de la recherche en santé du Québec. It was approved by the Ethics Committee of the Ste-Justine Hospital Research Center affiliated to the Université de Montréal.